Are you keen to assist your local community in the event of an emergency?

Become a volunteer

Register your interest in becoming a volunteer or contact us on 03 941 8999 or 0800 800 169 to find out more. 

We welcome volunteers from all walks of life to our teams. Volunteers come from all backgrounds and cover a range of emergency roles. 

There are two types of work volunteer teams do:

  • Welfare Team Volunteers
  • Response Team Volunteers.

Within each team there are both core and specialist skills which are taught formally and maintained during regular meetings, training and exercises.

Response Team

NZ-RT10, NZ-RT11 and NZ-RT14 are our three Christchurch-based response teams. These teams train on either a monthly or weekly basis.

Teams are trained to a national standard in light urban search and rescue; flood response; storm response; communications; and other specialist tasks.

Welfare Team

Our welfare volunteers meet in a variety of locations around the City and Banks Peninsula. These volunteers train once a month to learn how to activate and run a Civil Defence Centre (CDC) in an emergency.

CDCs provide assistance to the community, and can help with accommodation, clothing, food (catering), animal welfare, information and other support.