North Hagley Park and Gardens Loop

One of the most beautiful and well kept parks you'll visit, Hagley Park has a network of tracks linking North Hagley, South Hagley and the Botanic Gardens. Escape the hustle and bustle and go for a walk.

Hagley Park and Gardens Loop

Start Armagh Street car park, Armagh Street, Central city
Finish Armagh Street car park, Armagh Street, Central city
Distance 4.9km
Time Two hours return
Access Suitable for wheelchairs and strollers
Toilets Located in several places including the Armagh Street car park and next to the Botanic Gardens Woodland Bridge
Dogs Dogs must be on a leash on paths and kept under effective control elsewhere. Dogs are not permitted once you cross the Woodland Bridge and head into the Botanic Gardens

Starting from the Armagh Street car park, follow the path leading around the north of Victoria Lake. Continue to the Armagh Street bridge and then proceed north around the perimeter of Hagley Park past Harper and Deans Ave. 

Turn onto Riccarton Ave and continue to the pedestrian entrances to the Botanic Gardens. Follow the path into the Gardens next to the early spring flowering daffodils and Bandsmen's Memorial Rotunda. The Heritage Rose Garden is also well worth a short detour.

Cross the Woodland Bridge into the rest of the Botanic Gardens, stop to see the Peace Bell and enjoy the Central Rose Garden and conservatories before taking the Armagh Footbridge back to the car park where you started.