Paved outdoor space in City Mall, at the intersection of Cashel Street and High Street. Also known as High Street Triangle.

  • Cashel Street, Central City
Size and surface
  • 517m2
  • Hard surface
Key features 
  • Trams run either side of Hack Circle
  • Large tree in garden bed within the space
Suitable for
  • Up to 500 people
  • Suitable for promotions, public and commercial events
  • Infrastructure
  • Vehicle access (before 10am and after 4pm only)
  • No vehicle movement on site between 10am and 4pm
  • Event organisers are required to work with surrounding business owners
  • Noise restrictions and traffic management plans may be required depending on size/type of event
Available facilities
  • Bike stands
  • Bench seats
  • Litter and recycling bins 
  • Lighting – standard street lighting
  • Mobility friendly
  • Tram stop
  • Fees and charges apply depending on nature and size of your event