Neighbourhood Week

Neighbourhood Week is back again, this time for the entire summer. It's about bringing people together, so why not organise a local gathering to get to know your neighbours, community, family group, or sports team!


Have you ever wanted to organise a Neighbourhood gathering?  Do you want to get to know the people who live close to you? Perhaps you've always wanted to put on a potluck for the whole street...

Neighbourhood week is about bringing people closer together, and celebrating the unique and diverse mix of each neighbourhood.

A neighbourhood could also be a small group of families at a local kindergarten, play centre, kohanga reo, school, church or a community group who share a common desire to build a strong community together.

Neighbourhood Week is the brainchild of the Shirley-Papanui Community Board, which held the first event in 1998. Each year, it has grown to the point that it is now being promoted annually by the Christchurch City Council and nationwide by Neighbourhood Support. The Christchurch Neighbourhood Week Team works closely with Neighbourhood Support.

Please note: The Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board will only have Neighbourhood Week 2017 during Friday 27 October to Sunday 5 November.


A small subsidy is available from Christchurch City Council Community Boards to help you organise something in your neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Week application form.

Applications for Neighbourhood Week 2018 will open in July.

To register, you can either fill out our online form or download, complete and return the application form above to or post to Neighbourhood Week, Christchurch City Council, PO Box 73020, Christchurch 8154.

Planning your event

Stages Checklist
Getting Started
  • Decide what sort of gathering you would like to have
  • Decide on a venue  (please contact us to book a park or reserve, we also have community facilities available)
  • Decide on a time and date
  • Plan a couple of meetings and invite everyone
  • Share jobs - don't have one organiser - involve everyone
  • Prepare a volunteers list for help on the day and who brings what to the event
  • Take into account all your costs so there are no surprises along the way
  • Plan activities for all ages and tastes
  • Is there easy access for disabled people to take part?
  • Health and safety - think about potential risks and work out how to manage them
  • First aid - who will be responsible? Have any volunteers had training?
  • If your gathering is on public land please keep in mind public liability insurance (see below for more information)
  • Prepare invitations (templates can be found on the CCC website)
  • Deliver your invitations in plenty of time
  • Keep communicating - by email to volunteers, Facebook, chatting over the fence and flyers to invited neighbours
  • Plan for the weather - is there a change of date for bad weather
A week before
  • Send out reminders for your gathering with a flyer or an email or put up a sign to advertise your event
  • Run through the day in detail. Are all the jobs covered or are there still gaps to fill?
On the day
  • Be good hosts. Set up early and prepare to welcome people
  • Introduce people who are new to your neighbourhood to others at the gathering
  • Check health and safety issues
  • Enjoy the day!
After the event
  • Report on your event
  • Share your photos with us
  • Plan for the next gathering

Gathering suggestions

Street party

Organising a street party is a great way to get to know all the neighbours living in your street. To make it a little more fun you can have a theme or fancy dress.

Welcome new neighbours with a potluck.

Friendly faces and knowing people by name is a great way to start out life in a new neighbourhood and will make your street safer in case of an emergency. 

Neighbourhood sports day

Organising a sports day is a fun and active way to get the neighbours together, and with a little thought young and old can participate.

  • See what equipment is available within your neighbourhood, for example; cricket sets, petanque, badminton.
  • Think about hiring equipment if need be. Some organisations have sports equipment for hire for a small fee.
  • Think about activities for children, such as musical chairs, egg and spoon races, or balloon games.
  • Organise chairs for older members
  • Decide whether equipment will be set up or if you will hold a mini tournament.
  • Think about after activities such as a barbeque and prize giving with certificates.

Start a community project to give back to your area

There are tones of examples of great community project happening in neighbourhoods. From fundraising for a local sports teams and social clubs to community gardens and graffiti removal for the streets.

Check out these community projects:

Walking school bus

walking school bus(external link) is a safe and healthy way to get the children to school. It also helps you get to know the children and parents in the neighbourhood. You can apply for a subsidy to help cover costs for an end of term gathering for your neighbours that take part in the walking school bus. 

Neighbourhood clean-up

If you want a make a difference as well as getting to know your neighbours you may be interested in organising a neighbourhood clean-up.

  • Identify areas in your neighbourhood that need a clean-up. If you live near the beach or a river you may want to select a section of that.
  • For cleaning graffiti you may want to contact the Council Graffiti team.
  • Provide or get people to bring gloves and rubbish bags if you are collecting rubbish.
  • If you are near water ensure that parents keep an eye on their children.
  • Decide how and who will dispose of the rubbish.
  • Think about any post clean-up activities such as a picnic or barbeque.

Monster street garage sale

Ever wondered what to do with all that clutter in the garage? Get a few of the neighbours together, organise a street garage sale and apply for a subsidy to help cover costs for a gathering afterwards.

  • Set a date and time.
  • Think about how you will advertise the garage sale. Use a local residents’ association newsletter, local school or church newsletter or bulletin board, or the traditional sign at the end of the street can be just as effective.
  • Organise a collection time for bringing together things to sell.
  • Allocate tasks for the day, people might be on a rota for the day.
  • Decide on how the money will be distributed. You might decide to keep track of who sells what or use the money for a street get together.

Venue hire

The Council has community facilities(external link) which are available for hire for a small fee(external link).

You can also book a park or reserve.(external link)

Download your Neighbourhood Week invites. Fill them out and send them around the community for your event.

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27 October 2017 to 31 March 2018



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