Your responsibilities as the supervising hirer when hiring a Christchurch City Council community facility.

By hiring a Council community facility you agree to comply with the conditions and responsibilities of use. 

Confirmation and cancellation

Right of use

  • The Council will not permit the facility to be used for inappropriate functions, where damage may occur or where conflict with adjacent neighbours is likely.
  • You must be over the age of 18 to legally hire a Council facility.
  • No overnight stays are permitted.

Allocation and confirmation

  • Verify you have written confirmation form the Council of booking details and rentals are correct. These will be assumed to be acceptable if no disagreement is lodged.
  • Pay after hours security charge for bookings outside of business hours.
  • Prepay rental fees where requested.
  • Utilise only the facilities that have been allocated, and within the approved times.
  • Lodge a $450 bond where social functions have been approved. The bond will be returned subject to all the conditions of use being met and the facility has been checked.
  • Return allocated keys on the next business day after the conclusion of the hire. A $20.40 fee will be charged for lost or unreturned keys.


  • The Council has the right to levy full rental costs for confirmed bookings not utilised or cancelled within 7 days of the event.

Hours of use and occupancy numbers

Hours of use

  • Utilise the facility only within the approved hours of your confirmed booking.
  • Conclude your hire and vacate the premises by the agreed booking time.

Occupancy numbers

  • Ensuring that facility occupancy numbers do not exceed safety limits (please check these at the time your booking is confirmed).

Health and safety

Health & Safety at Work Act 2015

  • Carry out the facility pre-use check. These forms are situated in the foyer area.
  • Accept the responsibility to act as the building warden.
  • Verify the position of all exit points and safety equipment.
  • Confirm that doorways/exit points and stairways are not obstructed.
  • Be present during the total duration of the hire.
  • Ask for help if you do not understand these responsibilities.

Flammable materials

  • Do not use gas appliances, barbeques, spit roasts, cookers or flammable liquids that are a safety or fire risk. These items are an indication only and do not form a conclusive list.
  • No candles to be used.


  • Provide a mobile phone for emergency purposes if there is no public telephone provided.

First aid kit

  • To make available, a first aid kit to service your own group’s needs.

Fire or emergency evacuations

  • Act as a Fire/Evacuation Warden during the term of your hire.
  • Control and supervising facility emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Check the position of the orange warden armband.

Noise and damage


  • Ensuring that your activity noise isn’t disruptive to neighbours.
  • Complying with a Council or a Noise Control Officer’s request or instructions.


  • Agreeing to report any damage or heavy wear to equipment.
  • Accepting the cost incurred by the Councils contractor to make good any damage or repair caused as a result of your function/event.

Storage of equipment

  • The Council will not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any facility user’s equipment while in use or stored within a community facility.



  • Lock all doors and windows  when vacating the premises.
  • Where necessary, activate the alarm.

Intruder alarm code

  • Do not divulge the code to any other person.

Alcohol and smoking


  • Specifying and requesting permission for the consumption of alcohol at the time of making the booking.
  • Making an application to the Council Alcohol Licensing Team for a Special Licence if the sale of alcohol is planned. Please note that special licence applications must be received at least 20 working days before the event date and may not be accepted if late.
  • Planning to make sure you are a responsible host. Refer to the Alcohol Licensing guidelines on Host Responsibility requirements.

Smokefree Environments Act (1990)

  • All facilities are smoke-free.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any part of the Community Centre or within 5 metres of a doorway.
  • Smoke generating equipment is not permitted in any Council Community Hall.
  • No candles are to be used.

Furniture and appliances

  • Do not to move furniture such as table and chairs between rooms. Each room has adequate seating to meet legal occupancy levels.
  • Ensure all electrical appliances, including heater, are turned off after use.

Rubbish and cleaning

  • Removing all rubbish from the facility and grounds such as catering materials, food containers, scraps and glassware, used paper towels.
  • Leave the allocated facility, including the surrounding grounds, in a clean and tidy state for the next user.
  • Supply your own kitchen materials, rubbish bags and cleaning liquids.
  • Emptying the dishwasher before leaving.
  • You must check that all equipment utilised during your clean up period has been returned to the cleaning storage area in a clean condition.

Penalty charges

  • Penalty charges that will include Council recovering full costs that may be incurred for the following reasons:
    • Unsatisfactory standard of cleaning throughout the facility.
    • Loss of or damage to keys and facility locks, or chattels.
    • Failure to conclude the facility hire by the agreed time.
    • Failure to remove own rubbish.
  • A $20 fee will be charged should a key/s not be returned within 48 hours of a casual hire.
  • Failure to secure the building after your function.
  • Should the Council be required to make good inadequate cleaning.
  • Cost of a NZ Fire Service Callout (false alarm).
  • Please check your 'booking confirmation' letter, as there may be additional conditions of use applied that are relevant to your use of the facility.
  • You are asked not to use inappropriate materials such as nails, glue, tape and tacks to hang or post information on wall surfaces. Please use the notice boards provided.
  • Should decoration be essential to your activity, please discuss this when you make your booking enquiry. It is a requirement that you acknowledge and sign off the conditions of use agreement to indicate that you fully understand and accept your responsibilities.

Under the Privacy Act 1993 all information is collected for the purposes of the contract and will be destroyed within 12 months of the event.