Botanic Gardens on reserve situated off Rolleston Avenue at end of Hereford Street.

A photo of the Moorhouse statue

The bronze statue on stone plinth of William Sefton Moorhouse, was the region’s longest serving Canterbury Provincial Superintendent, serving from 1858−62 and 1866−68.

Moorhouse is known for his support for the Lyttelton rail tunnel, between Lyttelton Port and the Canterbury Plains, which went on to be completed in 1867. Several inscriptions are carved into the stone.

The inscription reads:
"WILLIAM SEFTON MOORHOUSE, to whose energy and perseverance Canterbury owes the tunnel between the port and the plains. Born 1825 - Died 1881. Superintendent 1858 - 62, 1866 - 68."

The sculptor's name is worked into the rear of the plinth - G. A. Lawson Sc. 1885. Renowned English sculptor G.A. Lawson produced a model for this work based on photographs.

There is more information about the statues in our city(external link) on the Christchurch City Libraries website.

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