Memorial Wall at Waihi for the New Zealand Tunnelling Company.

Christchurch is contributing a cobblestone from Cathedral Square towards a memorial wall in Waihi which commemorates the role of the NZ Engineers Tunnelling Company in World War One.

Mayor with Dr David Richards

Pictured with Lianne Dalziel Christchurch Mayor is Dr David Richards of the Christchurch Hospital Emergency Department whose grandfather was a medical officer with the Tunnelling Company during WW1

On 22 January 2016 the Governor-General will dedicate a memorial wall built in Waihi to commemorate the contribution of the New Zealand Engineers Tunnelling Company (NZETC) during World War 1. Every city in NZ which contributed men to the NZETC has been asked to contribute a stone to be built into the wall.
The Cathedral Square cobblestone (pictured) used to lie close to the Citizens War Memorial in the Square and the coordinators of the memorial project, Waihi Heritage Vision were delighted with the idea.
The NZETC dug tunnels under the German front lines around Arras in France during WW1 - the photo below is the tunnel named 'Christchurch'.

Around fifty rocks from all over NZ have been received as well as rocks from places overseas: Ballarat and Tasmania in Australia, the Cook Islands and Ireland. Stones have also been received from Anzac Bay, Gallipoli and several of these will be incorporated into the wall to help tell the story of men who served there before being transferred into the Tunnelling Company.

'Christchurch' tunnel in the Arras

The Arras tunnel named 'Christchurch'. The NZETC developed an underground tunnel system under the French city of Arras during the war which enabled them to tunnel towards the German front lines and lay mines.