Keep the Council updated with any building or engineering reports on your property, and any repairs or rebuilding work that is not covered by a building consent (e.g. exempted emergency repairs).

Having accurate and complete property information will help you if you decide to sell your property in the future.

If you have had a Civil Defence placard on your property at any time, the Council is required to include this information on your LIM. Letting the Council know about reports, repairs, or rebuilding ensures that your property records, and any LIMs, reflect the current state of your buildings.

Third party building reports

Where the Council receives a third party report or letter about work done or not done on a building, this report is kept in the property file and can be viewed as part of the public record. The Council accepts no liability for the contents of these reports, nor is it liable for any representations made within any report. These reports are not included in the LIM because the Council cannot verify the information in the report.

To add information to a property file you can email

Please note that Detailed Engineer Evaluation (DEE) reports for commercial buildings should be sent to