Estimate of development contributions required

You can use our online development contributions estimator to get an indicative estimate of the development contributions required for your project or you can have our Development Contributions Team undertake an estimate for you.

There is no charge for using the online estimator. 

Our development contributions team can also provide an estimate for you. You can request this by submitting a completed Request for Estimate of Development Contributions form (P-040) [PDF, 60 KB] (a Word version [DOC, 263 KB] is also available). 

You will need to pay the fee $95.00 prior to the estimate being prepared.

How the online estimator works

ThDevelopment contributions estimator requires you to enter the relevant property address. The estimator will then provide you with the indicative development contribution charge required for one additional residential dwelling (1 HUE or Household Unit Equivalent) to that property.

Any existing demand credits for an existing or previous dwelling on the lot will not be included in the estimate. If applicable, these will be deducted from any formal assessment of development contribution requirement.

There is a limit to the amount able to be charged for development contributions for reserves (parks and open space) based on the land value of the lot. The online estimator uses generic valuation information based on the applicable District Plan zone to give an indicative charge only. The actual amount required is determined at the time a full development contribution assessment is undertaken.  

Non-residential development: The online estimator cannot calculate development contributions required for a commercial development. These developments are assessed on a case-by-case basis taking into account the activity to be undertaken and the location of the development. Our Development Contributions team can undertake an estimate for non-residential developments - the $95.00 fee applies to this service. 

Important note: All information provided through the online estimator is indicative only. The actual requirement for development contributions will be determined through a full assessment undertaken by the Council's Development Contributions team. A full assessment is normally undertaken at the time a relevant consent or approval for development is issued. 

Development contributions estimator

To view the estimated development contributions:

  • enter the address in the search box below and select the address from the drop-down, or;
  • use the map to zoom in on the property and select to view.
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  1. The information provided by the online estimator is designed to give an indication of the development contribution charges that may be required for a development. The Council disclaims any legal liability for the estimate, and makes no warranty, express or implied, nor assumes any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of the estimate.
  2. A formal development contributions assessment will be provided following lodgement of a consent application.
  3. The estimate generated by the estimator is based on the Development Contributions Policy in effect at the time. If the policy changes before lodgement of a consent application, the estimate may become outdated.