Christchurch City Council offers a service to help developers with all aspects of approvals required for their projects.

A case management service for developments

Partnership Approvals is primarily focussed on the central city to support development there but significant projects outside that area can also be supported.

Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre being built

Partnership Approvals helps developers through the approvals process.

It builds on existing services by providing one case manager to work with all the different departments in Council and external agencies they need to deal with for project approvals.

The service manages applications through the approvals process by providing a single point of contact for project approvals from the initial concept stage right through to opening. The onus is still on the owner/developer to ensure their projects comply with relevant laws or regulations.

Generally Partnership Approvals is for projects that:

  • are high profile, either in terms of the site or the proposed development
  • have a high dollar value
  • contribute significantly to the local economy
  • are highly complex
  • are by customers with multiple projects.

Areas a Council case manager will help with include:

  • land issues and if the planned activity is allowed in that area
  • access to services such as water, waste water and so on
  • the design, including accessibility, fire and other technical aspects
  • licensing and final approvals

If you want to know more about Partnership Approvals, call 03 941 8999 or email

Partnership Approvals fact sheet and process diagram [PDF, 424 KB].

Partnership Approvals questions and answers [PDF, 303 KB].