Planning your building project

At the Council, we recognise that working with you is vital for a successful building project. We are here to help. There are resources on these pages will help you plan your building project.

Do you need a building consent?

We explain, before you start any building project, why it’s best to check if you will need a building consent and what's involved.

Overview of building consent process

Steps you need to carry out in the building consent process to successfully complete your building project and have it certified.

Exemption from building consent

When building work is exempt from requiring a building consent and what conditions other building work can be considered for an exemption.

Project information memorandum (PIM)

A PIM is a report issued by the Council that contains information known to the Council about your property and may be relevant to your building project.

Restricted building work

Building work affecting the primary structure or weather-tightness of a residential building is restricted building work under the Building Act 2004.

Floor level requirements

Find the minimum floor level heights for your property that will be considered as part of any building consent.

Fire engineering brief (FEB) process

Ensure your fire safety designs that do not follow an acceptable solution, complies with the building code.

Pre-application meeting

A pre-application meeting is an opportunity for you to discuss your proposed building project with Council staff and prepare your consent application.

Staged building consents

The staging of building work can be beneficial for both the owner and the Council.

Partnership approvals service

Christchurch City Council offers a service to help developers with all aspects of approvals required for their projects.

Eco design advice

Learn how to make your building or renovation more eco-friendly. Book a free two-hour consultation with the Council's specialist Eco Design Advisor.

Owner's guidance

Every project is different, but you still need to tick off essential stages to make it a success.