Swimsafe - water education for schools

Based on Water Safety New Zealand’s water skills for life competencies. Children will learn water entry, balance, buoyancy, breathing, water safety and survival skills that can be used for life.

Visiting Recreation and Sport Centres during Alert Level 1

Our centres are open.

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Capacity restrictions have been lifted so you can enjoy the pools, fitness centres and group fitness classes with friends and whānau. Tumbletimes,  preschool gymnastics and the Southern Centre are all open and running as normal.

Please note that Pioneer’s main pool, wave pool, spa and sauna are closed for six months from Saturday 14 November.

You can book in for your group fitness class, including spin and aquafit. Swimsmart bookings are also open. 

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Kids learning to be swim safe

Children may also participate in lessons in inflatable boats and practice wearing lifejackets.

Swimsafe lessons run at all of our Recreation and Sport Centres. If coming to us doesn’t suit you, our instructors are able to run the programme in your school pool.

The programme typically runs for 10 days with lessons being 25 minutes long. However, the programme can be tailored to meet the individual needs of any group.

Children will learn how to 

  • Enter and exit the water in any environment.
  • Go under the water - underwater skills and controlling their breathing.
  • Float on the water.
  • Move, roll and turn in the water.
  • Water safety and awareness.
  • What to do in an emergency.

Swimsafe participates in providing Safe Boating NZ(external link) iniatives designed to provide practical, boating and water safety experience for children - regardless of their confidence in the water. 

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