Te Kaha (Canterbury Multi-Use Arena) - site preparation


The Kōtui consortium responsible for the design and Early Works phase of the Te Kaha project are about to establish an office on the Te Kaharoa precinct and begin early site preparation works.


Early works and establishing a site office is crucial so that construction on Te Kaha can begin as soon as the Council makes a decision on the Design and Construct (D&C) Contract in July.


The large vacant block of land bounded by Hereford, Barbadoes, Tuam and Madras Streets, Central City.


13 June 2022 to August 2022. Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm (weather/site condition dependent).


Phone Brian Hayes - 027 220 8462, Greg Muir - 027446 6005, or Kent Summerfield - 027 520 3011, Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.


We’re about to start preparing the Te Kaharoa precinct and site before possible construction begins on Te Kaha, Canterbury’s new multi-use arena.

Our site establishment and early works will include:

  • Erecting hoardings around the site
  • Establishing basic site facilities and environmental controls
  • Land decontamination
  • Reviewing land for archaeological interests
  • Using heavy equipment and plant to level the site and prepare it for ground remediation works.

On-site activity will occur between the hours of 7:00am and 6:00pm.

During this time period, trucks and other heavy vehicles will be arriving and leaving the site via the Hereford St entrance, and heavy plant will be used to level the site in preparation for the construction phase of the project.

Dust minimisation measures will be put in place, but there is still a high chance that dust and noise will occur during the hours of operation.

You might have some questions around Te Kaha and these early works. Here are a few Q&As to help provide some more information.

Q: Why is this construction work being undertaken when it’s unclear whether Te Kaha will even go ahead?

A: This work is part of an early works package that the Council approved in December. This $6.5m package of work was fast-tracked so that the entire site could be prepared and construction could begin as soon as the Council approves the Design and Construction (D&C) contract. Although the D&C contract is yet to be approved, this is important work that still needs to be undertaken and will add value to the land, no matter how it’s used in the future. Delaying the early works package could cause further delays to the delivery of Te Kaha, should the Council approve the D&C contract.

Q: Will there be information sessions where we can come and ask questions about the project?

A: Any information sessions will take place after the four-week consultation period has completed and the Council has made a decision on the D&C Contract on 14 July 2022. If the Council agrees to go ahead with the project we’d love to meet you and talk further about Te Kaha, the project and what the final arena will look like. We’ll share more details around information sessions in due course.

Q: Why is the site entrance being placed opposite residential houses on Hereford St, rather than off Madras or Barbadoes Streets?

A: The Hereford Street site entrance has been agreed as the preferred location following discussion with the Council’s Transport & Waste Management Unit.

Q: How long is this site establishment work expected to take?

A: Early works are expected to take between three and four months to complete.

Q: I thought this work was going to begin in early April. What’s been the hold-up?

A: Now that we’ve completed ground investigation work and the hoardings around Lancaster Park are available, we’re now able to make this Te Kaha/Te Kaharoa site safe for both the public and project team. Additionally, we’ve been waiting for all the necessary consents to be approved so that we can begin site establishment and ground remediation works.

You can find a comprehensive list of Q&As about Te Kaha’s funding and timeframe by visiting www.canterburyarena.co.nz(external link)