Eastman Wetland - Milns storm water construction works


We’re constructing a storm water wetland and associated structures in the Eastman Wetland area.


The new wetland will reduce flood risk in the area and help to improve water quality.


Eastman Wetland (near 368 Sparks Road).


From week commencing Monday 31 January to late June 2022 (weather/site condition dependent).


The contractor is Grounds and Services Ltd (GSL). Phone Darcy Arnold 021326089, 7:00am to 5:00pm. Please advise Darcy if you have specific property access requirements.


  • As part of the Eastman Wetland storm water management project, a new wetland will be built the area bounded by Sutherlands and Sparks Road near 368 Sparks Road. The new wetland will help to improve water quality and reduce flood risk along the Heathcote River.
  • We will be constructing the new wetland, known as Milns Wetland Cell, associated structures (including a wetland bund, pipes and sumps), maintenance access track and landscaping. 
  • Please see  the map showing the location of the new wetland.