Walking is good for children.

Children who walk regularly:

  • Build and maintain healthy bones and muscles
  • Increase their flexibility and stamina
  • Maintain a healthier weight
  • Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Increase their ability to concentrate and remember
  • Enjoy physical exercise, such as sport
  • Have better sleep patterns
  • Develop healthy exercise habits that could last a lifetime

Parent’s Guide to Child Pedestrian Safety [PDF, 782 KB] provides information on teaching children to be safe pedestrians. 

Child pedestrian safety tips for drivers

  • Watch for children when backing out of your driveway
  • Drive out forward from your driveway if you can
  • Double check the footpath and cycleway
  • If you have to reverse, do it safely and slowly
  • Look for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Remember children are unpredictable

Stop at school patrols when stop sign is extended

School patrols are finding it hard to get a break in the traffic.

  • STOP if a school patrol sign is extended… regardless of which side of the road it is on
  • SLOW DOWN around schools and be prepared to stop at all school crossing points
  • KEEP plenty of SPACE between you and cars in front