The major wastewater and water pipes along Main Road in Sumner suffered damage in the Christchurch earthquakes and need replacing.

Construction started in mid-July 2017 and will be carried out over seven months by Fulton Hogan.(external link) During this time the steps at Shag Rock from the road down to the beach will be closed as they fall within the work site. You can still access the beach from the existing ramps opposite Clifton Terrace. 

overhead photo of sumner main road outlining where the road works are going to t

Traffic impact

During the construction period we will be taking all measures to ensure minimal disruption. We are aware that Main Road is the only traffic access in and out of Sumner. As such we are maintaining two lanes of traffic along Main Road during the day to minimise congestion and delays.

Speeds will be reduced to 30km/ph during the road works and signage will be erected advising that motorists and cyclists will need to merge.

A section of the car park used by the Surf Club will be closed to parking during the project as it will be used a storage areas for materials. 

Fulton Hogan updates

Late November/early December 2017

The new watermain pipe is now fully operational and all trenching is expected to be complete before the Christmas break. Over the next two weeks we will begin road resealing work, this will include the installation of a crash barrier around the Shag Road corner. The Peacocks Gallop team will close down between Friday 22 December and Monday 15 January. Over this time we will minimise our site and reinstate the car parking area on the beach side of the road.
When we return in the New Year we will complete the roading, kerb, storm water, landscaping and road marking.

Two way traffic will be maintained during the day. We will continue to work at night installing the pipework, and we will need to complete around three nights of roading work from Sunday 10 December. We will need to carry out this work again toward the end of January.

Early November 2017

Night work continues

Due to the large amount of rock that has been found under Main Road, night work will continue for a further four weeks. This is expected to be until early December. We apologise for the extended timeframe, we have two crews on site to complete this work as quickly as possible. 

To break through the rock we will need to use diggers with rock breaking attachments (as pictured) and concrete saws. As this work can be noisy we will ensure that it is carried out before 10:00pm each night. 

September 2017

Night work

From Sunday 24 September for around two weeks we will be carrying out night work on Main Road, near Peacocks Gallop. The night works will be carried out between 7pm and 6am on Sunday-Thursday evenings. Work will involve installing a section of the wastewater pipe and wastewater manholes. 

A stop-go traffic control system will be in place while this work is underway so please allow extra time for your journey. We know night works can be disruptive so we are aiming to complete this work as soon as possible. 


The new fresh water pipe being installed along Sumner's Main RoadTraffic impact update

From Wednesday 13 September for around one week traffic heading downhill from Clifton Terrace will exit to Main Road via Clifton Bay. Traffic heading uphill will still enter Clifton Terrace from Main Road. This is so that we can install the new fresh water supply pipe along Main Road, in front of Clifton Terrace.

Traffic impact plan from Wednesday 13 September for a week

17 August 2017


We are now into our fourth week and construction is progressing well. Work has begun installing the new fresh water main along Main Road, this is expected to take around five weeks. Work to install the new wastewater pipe has now begun and is expected to take until around the end of November.

Fulton Hogan truck working along Sumner's Main Road


Site office

Our site office at Clifton Bay will be open between 12:30pm and 2:00pm on Wednesdays. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the work, drop in to our office.

Traffic impact

Traffic will remain two way during the day. Night work will be required on narrow sections of the road where we are unable to maintain two lanes of traffic. During night work traffic will be maintained with a stop/go system. 

21 July 2017

Ground investigation work is now complete and from next week, Monday 24 July, we will begin our main work.


Our work will include rock breaking which is when a digger or saw is used to break up the rock underneath the road. Rock breaking can be noisy but we will be taking all measures to minimise disruption.

rock breaking

Dewatering and pumps

To give us a dry work area we need to carry out dewatering. This involves drilling well points into the ground and pumping the water out.
A dewatering pump needs to run continuously until all work is completed. If the pump is turned off the trenches will flood, delaying all trench work.
Ground water is treated using settlement tanks or filtration devices before being returned to the sea.

dewatering process

Night works

image showing how the stop/go road layout will look

During the night works the road will be reduced to one lane only.

Night works will be required during the construction period. During night works traffic will be reduced to one lane (controlled by stop/go or traffic lights).

We are aware that there will be some noise generated as part of this essential activity. All measures are being taken by Fulton Hogan to keep noise to a minimum where possible during this period.

Project details

Pipe replacement works were not able to be carried out while the container wall was in place along Peacocks Gallop as they were located in the geotechnical risk area behind the containers. The geotechnical risk mitigation work needed to be completed first before any work on the water and wastewater pipes could be done.

Now that this work is completed we are able to carry out replacement works in this area.


The existing wastewater main is badly damaged and located in the area behind the bund which is still considered a geotechnical hazard area. This means we are no longer able to maintain access to the pipe to carry out maintenance work. The pipe was also at the end of its life so it was due to be replaced.

Did you know?

The wastewater pipe will carry 2.1 million litres per day - enough to fill approximately 13 large trucks per hour. The pipe is 585 metres long, 475mm diameter and will service homes in the Sumner and Taylors Mistake area.


Sumner’s drinking water currently has one supply pipe. A second supply pipe will be added to increase resilience and future proof for additional population growth in the area.

Did you know?

The water pipe will carry 4.3 million litres per day – enough to nearly fill an Olympic size swimming pool twice over. The pipe is 782 metres long, 250mm diameter and will service homes in Clifton Bay, Richmond Hill, Sumner, Scarborough and Taylors Mistake.


Four small sections 15-20 metres of stormwater pipe will be laid under Main Road. Storage wells (sumps) will be dug into the ground at these points to collect any water from the road run off. The water is then transported from the pipes to an outlet point in the sea.


The road will be resurfaced after the main pipes are installed and a crash barrier will be installed at Shag Rock corner along Peacocks Gallop.