Details of past and present consultations for An Accessible City projects.

Council approves scheme design for Kilmore Street

The scheme design for upgrading Kilmore Street, between Colombo and Durham streets and a small section of Durham Street North near Kilmore Street, was approved on 26 April 2018.

The upgrade is phase one of planned works on Kilmore Street and is programmed to be done by the time work on the restoration of the Town Hall is completed.

The proposed phase two project involves turning Kilmore Street from a one-way street to a two-way street. The timing of the two-waying will be confirmed through the Long Term Plan (LTP) process and the project will include public consultation.

Previous consultations

#6: St Asaph Street speed zone

The Council has decided to carry out public consultation in the new year about lowering the speed limit on St Asaph Street from 50kph to 30kph.

The Council also approved the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment (ITE) Committee's recommendation for minor roading lay-out changes to St Asaph St to improve its safety and functionality. A further review to identify whether there are any other safety improvements that should be made to St Asaph Street will also be carried out. 

 The changes will cost about $210,000 and involve:

  • Modifying the parking bays so they are easier to get in and out of.
  • Installing extra loading zones for goods vehicles.
  • Installing additional cycle parking.
  • Modifying the tree pit kerb design so they cause less damage to car wheels.

Work on the minor roading layout changes will start early in the new year and should take about six weeks to complete.

People were able to provide feedback on the options between 14 September and 6 October. To find out more go to HaveYourSay(external link).

cyclists and cars on St Asaph St

Over the past six months Christchurch City Council staff have been meeting with representatives from the Central City Business Group (CCBG) to discuss how the design of St Asaph Street could be modified to address the group’s concerns about the lack of parking spaces, the accessibility of the parking bays, and the narrow width of the traffic lanes.

The Council has implemented a number of minor safety improvements to St Asaph Street. The improvements were recommended following an independent road safety audit and mainly affect line markings and reflective markers. This has resulted in improved visibility and traffic flows.

#5: Victoria St, between Kilmore St and Bealey Ave

Changes to Victoria Street

The Council is improving Victoria Street for people travelling by foot, bicycle and public transport. To support this, changes will also be made to surrounding traffic routes.

The Council approved changes to Victoria Street and its surrounding traffic routes on 22 September 2016. More information about these changes is available in the media release(external link) and following documents:

Download the consultation booklet. [PDF, 2.5 MB]

[PDF, 2.5 MB]