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Journey times

This information updates every 5 minutes.

Sorted by greatest delay Current Usual Conditions
Belfast to CBD via Cranford St 19 mins 11 mins Major delay
Bishopdale to CBD via Papanui Rd 12 mins 7 mins Major delay
St Martins to CBD via Waltham Rd 8 mins 5 mins Major delay
Hornby to CBD via Blenheim Rd 22 mins 13 mins Major delay
Ferrymead to CBD via Ferry Rd 9 mins 7 mins Delay
CBD to Bishopdale via Papanui Rd 11 mins 7 mins Delay
CBD to Ferrymead via Ferry Rd 9 mins 7 mins Delay
CBD to Sumner via Ferry Rd 17 mins 13 mins Delay
Chch Airport to Belfast via Johns Rd (SH1) 5 mins 8 mins Free flowing
Airport to Hornby via Carmen Rd (SH1) 6 mins 6 mins Free flowing

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