Sumner Lyttelton Corridor

The Sumner Lyttelton Corridor is an important link from Lyttelton to Sumner and Christchurch, for the public and the Port of Lyttelton.

Following the February 2011 earthquake, the road from the causeway to Evans pass has stayed open, with shipping containers providing interim protection from geohazards including rockfall and cliff collapse.

Sumner Road from Evans Pass to Lyttelton has been closed since February 2011 due to earthquake damage and the risk posed by geohazards, including rockfall, cliff collapse and landslides.

The aim of this programme of work is to mitigate these geohazard risks to road users and return the road corridor between the Sumner side of the causeway and Lyttelton to its pre-quake level of service.  

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There are four parts to this corridor programme: Sumner Road reopening (Lyttelton to Evans Pass), Wakefield Avenue, Raekura (Moa Bone Point) and Rapanui (Clifton and Deans Head).


Details of the consultations held to date for Sumner Lyttelton Corridor projects.

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