The Council monitors activity on around 6,000 intersections in Christchurch.

Like other local councils in New Zealand, Christchurch City Council receives information about its intersections from the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA). This information is based on the results of a national Road Assessment Programme called KiwiRAP – a partnership between the NZ Automobile Association, NZTA, the Ministry of Transport, ACC and NZ Police.

How do you think the Council could improve intersection safety?

Funding for intersection upgrades

The Government, through NZTA, supports a range of Council transport projects, including intersection upgrade work.

The Council applies to NZTA for a funding contribution towards the costs of transport network projects. The contributions vary depending on how a project meets the overall road network objectives and the proposed features eligible for funding (landscaping at intersections is excluded, for example).

Improvements to Christchurch's road network are ongoing and contiuous. This means the Council's focus on improving intersections will always exist, because every intersection on any road network always carries a level of risk to its users. 

Prioritising intersection upgrades

Information provided by NZTA is combined with a number of other very important local considerations when prioritising work at intersections. These considerations include:

  • predicted traffic growth from development
  • current congestion
  • speed environment
  • minor unreported crash history
  • efficiency of traffic operations
  • pedestrian and cycling use
  • community input 

Monitoring intersection safety

Intersection safety data changes over time due to the influence of specific events that occur at different intersections. Intersection safety is also influenced by factors other than design and engineering, including driver behaviour (red light running, speeding and drink-driving, as examples).

No intersection in Christchurch has a disproportionately higher-than-average safety risk when compared to other intersections in New Zealand.

The following document shows a ranking of the top 100 high-risk intersections in Christchurch as at January 2016.
Top 100 high-risk intersections in Christchurch (January 2016) [PDF 107KB]