Riccarton Road bus lounge and bus priority

Riccarton Road is the city's busiest bus route. Around 3000 people board buses in Riccarton and more than 800 buses pass Riccarton Westfield each day.

Northern Riccarton Road bus lounge

Bus lounges

The Division Street bus lounge (on the south side of the road) features seating for 50 people, standing room for 200 and three toilets. It has one outdoor and two indoor screens with real-time information on bus arrivals and departures. 

The Espresso Depot cafe has also opened to offer better convenience to commuters.

The north side lounge at 114 Riccarton Road seats 16 people and also has bus arrival and departure information.

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday: 6am to 9pm
Sunday: 9am to 9pm

Deans Avenue to Harakeke Street construction

The first stage of construction for Riccarton Road bus priority measures from Deans Avenue to Matipo Street is underway.

Traffic lights have replaced the roundabout at the intersection of Riccarton Road and work between Deans Avenue and Harakeke Street is continuing to repair and replace water pipes running along Riccarton Road.

The bus priority and water pipe renewal are being done at the same time to minimise the disruption to the public.

The project includes:

  • removal of the roundabout
  • renewing underground water pipes (storm water, fresh water and waste)
  • installing traffic lights
  • resealing the road and marking out bus priority lanes.

At least two lanes will be open for traffic (one lane each way) during construction. All underground work and construction will be done before crews move on to the next area. Final resealing and marking of the bus lanes will be done last.

Next steps

How work will progress along Riccarton Road.

Once the work to Harakeke Street is finished, we will continue along Riccarton Road between Straven Road and Matipo Street (outside Westfield Mall).

It is hoped all changes including central Riccarton Street enhancements and bus priority measures will be completed by the end of 2019.

What is bus priority?

Bus priority is the term used to describe how to give buses right of way over other vehicles when a road is heavily used.

Bus priority measures can include:

  • Part-time or full-time bus lanes
  • Traffic lights giving priority to buses at some intersections
  • Signal controlled pedestrian crossings
  • Improved cycle and pedestrian facilities
  • Improved bus stop and bus shelter facilities
  • Changes to parking arrangements
  • Median islands for pedestrian safety 

While the main aim of bus priority is to reduce trip times and make sure bus passengers reach their destinations on time, it will also help make the area a safer and more attractive place to work, shop and do business.