To protect the road network, the Vehicle Dimensions and Mass (VDAM) Rule 2016 specifies the legal weights and axle loads. If your vehicle exceeds these load limits, you need to apply for an overweight permit before you travel.

overweight truck towing a digger

You need to apply for an overweight load permit before you travel if:

  • The maximum legal weight of your vehicle exceeds:
    • 44 tonnes
    • or 45 tonnes for 7 axle combinations with a minimum wheel base of 16.8m
    • or 46 tonnes for 8 axle combinations with a minimum wheel base of 17.4m.
  • The weight on any individual axle of your vehicle exceeds the legal weight.
  • The vehicle weight exceeds the weight restriction posted on the road or bridge (refer to Table 1 and Table 2 below for current weight restrictions) of your route.

Travelling on local roads

Travelling on State Highways and local roads

Contact NZTA(external link). They will liaise with Christchurch City Council to approve the Christchurch City Council road portion.

We require a minimum of five working days to process the application as it depends on the complexity of your route and the amount of assessment we need to do. 

If we need more time to process an application, you will be notified.

For more information

Contact Alister Nelson or James Ting
Christchurch City Council
Phone 03 941 8999

Table 1: Weight and speed limits on under strength bridges

Table 1: Heavy vehicle weight and speed limits on under strength road bridges (2016/2017)

Bridge name Location Gross weight Max weight on any one axle Max speed limit
Pages Road Pages Road 30 
Swanns Road Swanns Road  - 30 
Armagh Street (Cambridge - Oxford) Armagh Street  85% Class 1  5350kg  30 
Kahu Road East  Kahu Road  30 
Poynder Ave  Poynder Ave  30% Class 1  2000kg  10 
Bowenvale Ave  Bowenvale Ave  16,000kg  8200kg  10 
Scruttons Road No. 2  Scruttons Road 4500kg  2250kg 
Bossu Road  Bossu Road  10
Tizzards Road 4   Tizzards Road  10 
Tizzards Road 5  Tizzards Road  80% Class 1  10 
Takamatua - Frasers 1  Old le Bons Track  10 
Stoney Bay Old Quarry  Stoney Bay Road  10 
School Rd, Okains Bay  School House Road  60% Class 1  5160kg  10 
Decanter Bay Menzies Bay Road  50% Class 1  10 
Holmes Bay Valley Rd 3 Holmes Bay Valley Road  90% Class 1  10 
French Farm Valley 1  French Farm Valley Road  10 
French Farm Winery  French Farm Valley Road  10 
Childrens Bay  Childrens Bay Road  10 
Rue Jolie North 2  Rue Jolie  3500kg  10 
Okuti Valley 8  Okuti Valley Road  10 
Wrights Road  Wrights Road  3500kg  10 
Wrights Road 2  Wrights Road  3500kg  10 
Withells Road Withells Road - - 10
Garden Road Garden Road  3500kg  10 
LH Fork  Gunns Road - - 10
Grehan Valley Road  Grehan Valley Road 10

Table 2: Port Hills Road weight restrictions

Road name Weight restriction
Whitewash Head Road 10T gross weight restriction
Richmond Hill Road 10.5T gross weight restriction
Clifton Terrace 21T gross weight restriction
Kinsey Terrace 3.5T gross weight restriction
Maffeys Road 10T gross weight restriction