We've added about three kilometres of guardrails along Dyers Pass Road to improve safety for people using the road. The road has a high crash rate and the steep terrain means that when crashes do happen, they often result in severe injuries.

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We've installed the new guardrails in high-risk locations, which should reduce the severity of crashes and there are now guardrails along almost 70% of the route. We've also widened the road in some places as part of the safety upgrade.

Worksites/traffic lights

To provide safe stopping points, traffic lights are positioned so you have a good view of them and the queueing traffic. Sometimes this means the worksite is longer.

The work sites are manually controlled during peak times – 7am to 9.30am in the morning and 3:30pm to approximately 6pm in the afternoon. We will also manually control the sites where needed if there is an event in the weekend that will drive extra traffic.

Often sites can be empty during the day if there is not enough space to work with large machinery with the lane of traffic going past or while we wait for concrete to cure.

Drainage channels

When there is heavy rain, water can flood across the road. This is unsafe for people using the road and can damage the surface of the road. Soil erosion is also an issue on the Port Hills, and there are water quality conditions as part of the consents for the project

Drainage channels are being installed and are shaped so that drivers or cyclists could drop a wheel into the channel without losing control of their vehicle.

There is currently a storm water issue at the Cashmere end of the work – a culvert will be placed there to fix this problem when final road sealing work is done.

Cycle lanes

This is a safety project to install guardrails at high-risk locations and reduce the risk of injury when vehicles veer off the road. 

However, there is currently not enough room on the road to provide cycle lanes on Dyers Pass Road. To create enough space for an uphill cycle lane, more of the rock cliff on the inside of the road would need to be removed which would be very expensive and have a big environmental impact.

The project does widen the sealed shoulder of Dyers Pass Road to allow more space for everyone on the road.

Victoria Park access road

The Victoria Park access is not a legal road so we cannot use it to detour traffic. The access road is also not designed or suitable for a high volume of traffic.

Completion date

The work we are doing at the moment will be finished at the end of August this year. There may be more safety work to be done on Dyers Pass Road but we do not know when that will happen at this stage.

Work area map

Dyers Pass Road safety improvements work area