Moving into the central city? We offer free travel advice for organisations, businesses and staff. There are new ways to get around, and we are here to help people get to know the central city and the different travel options.

Thousands of people are moving back into town and there is an opportunity to consider how you and your team get to work; carpooling, cycling, walking or taking the bus.

Our travel advisers tailor a programme for each workplace and offer personalised travel planning sessions and practical resources and services such as onsite bike workshops.

Over the last year, we’ve worked with 25 organisations with more than 4000 staff. We’ve seen a 31 per cent drop in single occupied vehicle trips to work. People are now leaving the car at home most days, and choosing to bike, bus, carpool, walk or scooter to work. This benefits everyone, as having more people bus, bike or walk helps to ease traffic congestion and competition for car parks.

Benefits for workplaces

Biking, walking, carpooling, or taking the bus has proven results:

  • People are healthier, more active and less stressed
  • Higher productivity and staff engagement
  • Less demand on the car pool.

Get in touch

We are keen to work with you to deliver the programme in a way that suits your organisation’s needs.

If you are interested in helping your staff find a good way to get to work, please contact us at

Take a look at who we’ve been working with

Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health

Provide secure bike lock-up facilities, and a transport staff group have improved the shower facilities. They’ve also held staff lunchtime orientations to the Bus Interchange to practice using the bus bike racks, and regularly update staff on new cycle infrastructure and bike-related events in the community.

Results so far: car usage is down from 79 per cent to 36 per cent, bus usage up from 2 per cent to 25 per cent, biking up from 6 per cent to 19 per cent, carpooling from 4 per cent to 7 per cent and walking 3 per cent to 11 per cent post move.

Ministry of Justice

As part of their move they put together a staff orientation pack, with cycleway maps, information on taking bikes on the bus, upcoming cycling events and general tips for settling into the central city. They have also installed a bike pump in their lock-up, and negotiated a staff discount at their local bike shop.

Community Public Health

Have purchased two e-bikes for staff to use when traveling to work meetings. These e-bikes are also available for staff to take home and trial over the weekend, which has resulted in several employees purchasing their own e-bike to start biking to work. There is an internal staff advocacy group who work to improve facilities and other support measures for active transport.

What we can offer

The workplace engagement programme is generally (though not exclusively) delivered to organisations shortly prior to their move into the central city. We offer follow-up support after your move to reinforce and reward positive new travel habits, and provide assistance and advice to staff who still want to try a new mode.

We offer a way to ease your staff’s anxiety about the move, working with you to form a project team to assist with managing the change. The programme can include:

  • Surveying staff on their current transport habits, and what considerations are important to them with regards to transport to the new office.
  • A customised presentation to help you and your people understand commuting intentions, and the barriers and benefits to different travel modes.
  • Promotional material businesses can distribute or download and use to promote travel options.
  • Complementary bike maintenance workshops and bike roadworthy checks for staff.
  • Mentoring and working with internal transport user groups and organisation leaders to help build a positive internal commuting culture, and help your workplace provide the support and facilities to make busing, biking, carpooling and walking to work easy and attractive.
  • Putting your workplace in touch with neighbouring organisations to build a positive and social central city commuting community.
  • One on one support to help each staff member find options that fit their personal circumstances, including personalised advice and information.
  • Apps to help people plan their bus journeys, find carpool partners, log their bike rides and walks, and give feedback to local Councils to help improve transport infrastructure and experience.
  • Access to a Wellbeing Programme, to help interested staff with fitness and wellbeing goals and motivation.
  • Support for competitions such as the Aotearoa Bike Challenge, and commuting challenges designed to incentivise carpooling, walking, and busing.

Selwyn District Council


Waimakariri District Council