After reviewing speed limits on roads around the city, Christchurch City Council requested feedback on proposed changes to 31 streets. The results of the speed limit review consultation are now available.

Most of the streets that were reviewed are in expanding residential or commercial areas, where rural roads have become more urbanised. The Council is seeking changes to speed limits to ensure that they are safe for an urban environment. 

The feedback from the consultation is available below, along with the letter that was sent to submitters. Staff recommendations will now be considered by the Community Boards (for suburban roads) and the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee (for central city roads). They will make recommendations to Council, which will make the final decision. See the letter for details.

Speed limit review submissions. [PDF, 157 KB]

Letter to submitters. [PDF, 49 KB]

Consultation on the speed limit review ran from 31 May to 21 June 2016.

  [PDF, 623 KB]









Speed limit review consultation document. [PDF, 623 KB]