Intersections are among the most dangerous places on the New Zealand road network. The Council runs a number of intersection safety campaigns.

Every year there is a high number of intersection crashes in Christchurch. The majority of these are at T intersections and where driveways intersect with roads. Most crashes at intersections occur between 3pm and 6pm.

Yellow means stopYellow means stop

Be alert when approaching traffic light controlled intersections:

  • A yellow signal means stop, unless you are so close to the intersection that you cannot stop safely.
  • A yellow signal indicates that the lights will soon turn red.

Stop signs

At an intersection controlled by a stop sign:

  • Come to a complete stop. 
  • If you and another vehicle are both facing stop signs, follow the give way rules.

Turning into the nearest lane

When turning into a multi-lane road turn into the nearest lane, and then if you need to change lanes do so further up the road. Remember to indicate for 3 seconds before you change lanes.

Is the intersection clear? Check again

Is the intersection clear - check againAll road users should take greater care at intersections by checking more than once that it is safe to enter the intersection

All road users – motorists, cyclists and pedestrians – should always be ready to stop at intersections in case the way ahead is not clear. 

All road users can sometimes experience inattentional blindness whereby they look but don’t truly see all activity and hazards on the road. 

To stay safe when approaching intersections, road users should check that the intersection is safe and clear, and then always check again.  

Don't block the intersection

Here in Christchurch we have a big problem with drivers entering intersections that don't have room for them to exit on the other side.

This blocks the intersection, makes it difficult for emergency vehicles to get through and creates a dangerous situation for both drivers and pedestrians. 

Please help by making sure an intersection is clear to drive through before you enter it. By doing your part you can improve traffic flows and congestion for everyone.