In 2013, driver distraction was a contributing factor in 21fatal crashes and a contributing factor in 170 serious injury crashes!
Driving needs your full attention. Driver distraction is a serious road safety issue.
Distraction occurs when a driver’s

Distracted driver

Keeping your mind on the task

Driving requires your complete attention. You need to keep control of your vehicle at the same time as maintaining an awareness of your surroundings and potential hazards.

There are many causes of inattention while driving, including:

  • mobile phones
  • music devices such as radios, CDs and iPods
  • driver information screens and GPS devices
  • food and drink
  • passengers
  • scenery

Between 2005-2009 seven per cent of fatal and serious injury crashes in Christchurch were attributed to distraction while driving and accounted for five per cent of all injury crashes.

Check out the New Zealand Transport Agency's new advertisement on cell phone distraction here(external link)