A City for People is the action plan for the implementation of the Public Space Public Life Study undertaken in 2009 by Danish urban designers Gehl Architects.

It is a 12-year programme of activities, linked to the Council’s three-yearly reviews of the Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP), which outlines 66 projects to be undertaken by Council to create a Central City which is vibrant, safe, attractive and where people want to spend their time.

Of the 66 projects, almost half are already funded in the 2009-19 LTCCP, 25 are new and the remainder need to be realigned with work already being done by Council. A number of the projects require further investigation including identifying options, evaluating users and benefits and public consultation.

The implementation of the action plan is planned for the next 12 years, recognising that great cities take time to develop. By 2022, Christchurch’s Central City will have a human pace, invite people to walk, sit, relax, socialise and be entertained, and with a vibrant, safe Central City the foundation will have been laid for future growth and prosperity.

A City for People Action Plan [PDF, 4.4 MB].