Because of the events of 2010 and 2011 significantly impacting the Christchurch community, the Safer Christchurch Strategy has been reviewed and refreshed to reflect our changing environment and community.

The 2016 Strategy focuses on five priority areas with the aim of making Christchurch the safest city in New Zealand.

  • Proactive partnerships that have a shared commitment to a Safe City
  • Reducing and preventing injuries
  • Reducing and preventing the incidence and effects of crime
  • Enhancing safety on our roads
  • Building in safety

Following recent reaccreditation,  Christchurch must now strive to maintain this status with five yearly reviews of its performance. The Strategy will be regularly monitored to ensure that action plan for each priority reflects new and/or emerging issues.

Community safety is the responsibility of all ... Safer Christchurch is not just about the absence of crime and injury but rather about strong, active communities and neighbourhoods.


Safer Christchurch Governance Group

The Strategy is overseen by this group, which comprises: