Our events inspire passion for the lifestyle qualities and identity of Christchurch. Festivals and events play an important role in the colour and vitality of Christchurch.

The Council plays a number of significant roles in the development and support of events in the City. These roles include the direct provision of events, providing financial and other forms of support to events, bidding for and hosting events in Christchurch, providing event venues, marketing events and to some degree regulating events’ activities.

A range of other individuals and organisations are also involved in staging events in Christchurch. Commercial companies, entrepreneurs, voluntary organisations and trusts all play their part in Christchurch’s events infrastructure. It is important that the Council works in co-operation with these parties to achieve the maximum benefits for the city.

The Events Strategy guides the Council’s events related activity to maximise the social, economic, cultural and environmental outcomes for the city. It provides direction for the Council’s support and relationships with the other people and organisations in the events sector.

"Our events inspire passion for the lifestyle qualities and identity of Christchurch" is the Council’s vision for events. The Events Strategy develops this vision into five goals and associated objectives.

Christchurch Events Strategy 2007–2017 [PDF, 306 KB] 

We are looking to increase public patronage to a broader offering of events, building the capacity of our events industry and developing creative concepts alongside the industry. We aim to 'inspire passion for the lifestyle qualities and identity of Christchurch.'

Our team of Events Development Advisors are here to answer your questions about events held on public land or that have a potential impact on the city. Please contact us for more information: