Council 29 June 1993

Park trees

Park trees

In essence, the Council will adopt a more pro-active role through organising in advance opportunities for the public including visitors to the city to sponsor planting on reserves. The key elements or criteria for the scheme will be:

In the first instance:

1. Generally, sponsored schemes will apply to those reserves for which landscape/planting plans have already been prepared. Planting in the main will be restricted to specimen trees and revegetation programmes.

2. For city residents and groups, sites generally will be on district or local reserves although not necessarily restricted to such depending on the nature of the event/commemoration etc.

3. For tourists and other visitors sites generally will be on metropolitan reserves but again there could be exceptions to this.

For the future:

4. City sponsors (as distinct from tourists) will be given the opportunity to indicate their preference for a particular reserve. Such requests would be met to the extent possible, but with the final decision resting with the Parks Unit. (There could be different costs for, say, specimen trees or shrubs.)

5. The public will be invited to sponsor the planting, or individual specimen, by cash donations.

6. The scheme will be promoted by means of brochures and other information such as plans displayed at the Council's Service Centres, libraries, travel agents and the like.

Support may be encouraged for example, by highlighting personal opportunities such as commemoration of family events (e.g. births, deaths, etc.), commemoration of visits to Christchurch, future benefits for children, grandchildren, etc.

7. A certificate of acknowledgment will be presented to sponsors. For a limited period an information board will be also installed at each reserve/site with a plan depicting the particular planting and names of sponsors. However these costs must take into account the value of the sponsorship/donation.

Implementation of scheme

1. That the Parks Policy Unit through its parks development section administer and co-ordinate the programme.

2. That assistance in the promotion and sponsorship of the programme be carried out by the Environmental Promotions Officer of the Policy and Planning Unit.

3. That the Parks Unit where appropriate proceed with gaining sponsorship for local planting schemes with the assistance of the Area Parks Officers and Community Boards.

4. That proposal for tourism sponsorship be further developed as outlined in the report.

5. That certificates of acknowledgment be issued for all sponsorships.