The information below is from the "Service Delivery Procedures and Maintenance Manual, 1998, City Streets Unit".


(found in Section 335 of the Local Government Act 1974)
The Council; having a responsibility to maintain a safe and comfortable foothpath for pedestrians, may maintain some vehicle crossings.
Vehicle crossings specifications are detailed in the Specific Conditions for Vehicle Crossing Construction by Contract.


Council is responsible for the maintenance of sealed vehicle crossings from the edge of the roadway to property boundary or 6m from sealed edge whichever is least, where that crossing incorporates a recognised footpath, (where no sealed footpath exists, crossing maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner).


The Maintenance Engineer team Leader shall be responsible for ensuring that the policy and procedures set out in this document are adhered to.


Refer flow charts.


Held and maintained by the City Streets Unit, Maintenance Implementation Team.


That the current Council footpath maintenance and resurfacing practice be retained. (Note: This provides that the Council will maintain vehicle entrances on roads with a footpath only.)
Council, 25 May 2001

That the current policy be confirmed 
Council, 23 September 2004

That the existing Policy relating to the surface of vehicle entrances be reconfirmed.
That when a reseal project is programmed, give owners of properties the opportunity to have their vehicle crossing resealed as part of the Council contract but at the owner’s cost.
That the Council will only undertake these reseals using its standard seal materials. 
That this policy be reviewed during the 2011/12 Annual Plan. 
Council, 26 August 2010