Council 23 July 1997


Where issues relating to road safety at schools are raised the following guidelines are used:

That the cause(s) of the road safety problem(s) are clearly identified and agreed to by the Council and the school community and that joint working groups be formed to address the issues as described below.

That all valid options and solutions are considered to address the cause(s), this should include consideration of:

  • Pedestrian safety options
  • Traffic speed options
  • Traffic demand management options
  • Mode options (i.e. foot, cycle, bus and car)
  • Alternative access options
  • Parking options
  • Engineering solutions on Council land, if these are all exhausted then options for engineering solutions on school grounds can be considered
  • School zone and location options
  • School timetabling options.

If, after considering the various options, it is agreed that an engineering solution on school grounds is preferred then the Council agree to consider such applications through its Annual Plan processes. The basis for Council consideration shall be:

1. That the land for the engineering solution be provided at no cost; and

2. That the land required for the engineering solution is vested as legal road.

The vesting of school grounds as legal road will require the approval of the Ministry of Education and this approval should be received prior to any application to the Council for funding.