Parks and Recreation Committee, 27 July 1993.

A photo of the Bottle Lake Forest Park sign

That the following code of practice be approved for the naming of parks and reserves:

  1. All reserves vested in or under the control of the Council shall be given an appropriate name. The procedures to be followed shall be as set out in 2 to 5 below
  2. Proposed names shall be approved, by resolution of the Council, or where appropriate, recommended for approval to the New Zealand Geographic Board. Naming shall be initiated either at the time of vesting or at the latest, when development proposals for the particular reserve are being considered for adoption.
  3. For existing reserves, whether previously formally or informally named, and through common usage are accepted by the community, generally these names shall be retained. Where changes are to be sought, the procedures as outlined for new reserves shall be followed.
  4. For reserves having local or major status, naming proposals, including options, shall in the first instance be referred to the appropriate Community Board. To the extent deemed necessary, proposals will then be referred to the community for comment prior to formal adoption and recommendation, to the Council.
  5. For reserves having metropolitan status, proposals shall be referred to the appropriate Council Committee (currently Parks and Recreation) for consideration and recommendation to the Council after having been first referred to the Community Board for comment
  6. Names approved by the Council for reserves having major status or above, shall be referred to the New Zealand Geographic Board via the local office of the Department of Survey and Land Information, for final approval
  7. That the Parks Manager be responsible for organising the formal naming process.