Council, 25 November 1999.

Policy statement

The Council believes that the children of Christchurch have the right to care, recreation and leisure activities in their 'out of school time' which are safe, fun, and age and culturally appropriate.

The Council believes that the families and whanau have the right to safe, accessible, affordable, quality out of school care and recreation services within their own communities.

Statement of intent

  1. The Council may assist the ongoing development and provision of quality out of school programmes by:
    1. facilitating and providing out of school programmes
    2. liaising with funders, providers, professional bodies and users to improve co-ordination
    3. monitoring provision and identifying gaps in provision
    4. researching existing and future needs and trends in out of school programmes
    5. identifying specific developments nationally and within local programmes that impact on the provision of out of school programmes.
  2. The Council may provide funding and support to out of school programmes. Priority will be given to out of school programmes which:
    1. are provided by not for profit community organisations
    2. have met quality standards as defined by the National Association for OSCAR Minimum Standards
    3. are unable to meet full programme cost from user charges or alternative fundraising activities
    4. have knowledge of and support from the local community
    5. emphasise creative developmental opportunities for children, with choice of activity and level of engagement and facilitate child development and self esteem rather than purely care or supervision
    6. encourage children to learn about their local communities
    7. are accessible to and inclusive of children with special needs
    8. are accessible to and inclusive of people/children from different cultures
  3. The Council will advocate to central government and other appropriate agencies for the development and implementation of quality standards for out of school programmes including:
    1. development of appropriate national regulations
    2. development and implementation of standards relating to the training and supervision of paid and voluntary staff
    3. establishment and maintenance of appropriate professional bodies
    4. provision of adequate resources and funding.
  4. The Council will work in partnership with the OSCAR Network and other appropriate bodies to achieve the above statement of intent.