Taking care to plan Sydenham’s commercial centre post-earthquake is critical to ensure the centre will be the best it can be.

Sydenham Master Plan [PDF, 2.9 MB]

About the plan

artist's impression of Colombo Street / Byron Street / Sandyford StreetLocal people are very proud of Sydenham’s rich social history and strong sense of community. They are now rebuilding their community following the earthquakes and the loss of much of its built heritage and the disruption to its retail and business life.

Sydenham will retain and strengthen its unique identity as a place of industry, action, and innovation that lives up to the old Sydenham Borough motto of “Deeds not Words”. It will continue to be a thriving centre for niche and start up businesses that will serve and support the local industrial area, businesses and a larger residential component. It will be an easily accessible centre offering attractive places for businesses, retailers, residents and the community that seek a different experience to that of the Central City and other suburban locations.

Plan development process and timeline

date stage actions
April to May 2011 Project set-up The project set up stage included:
  • assessment of earthquake impacts
  • confirmation of project scope
  • identification of key stakeholders
May to June 2011 Research and information gathering Focus group sessions were held with various affected groups and residents. Sessions identified key issues to be considered in the recovery and rebuild of Sydenham.
July to August 2011 Design and feasibility testing The Council held a series of “Inquiry by Design” workshops involving technical experts, to find the best ways of addressing issues and suggestions raised in the community sessions.
July 2011 Prepare draft Master Plan

Public presentation of options arising out of the technical workshop. Community was able to make suggestions on provisional ideas.

August to October 2011 Consultation

A master plan was drafted and endorsed by the Spreydon/Heathcote Community Board. The Council approved the plan for public consultation.

November to December 2011 Follow-up investigations

Public consultation was held with the opportunity for residents to make submissions on the draft plan. A total of 43 submissions were received.

January to May 2012 Revisions to draft

Submissions were analysed. Council endorsed the Community Board recommendation to not hold formal hearings. Areas of further investigation were identified.

June 2012 Adoption by Council

The final master plan was adopted by the Council.