Proposed plan for Ferry Road at Woolston Village

We want to know what you think of our proposal to create a pedestrian focused environment to attract visitors, make it safer for people and bikes, and recognise the area's distinctive industrial heritage.

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Local residents and businesses highlighted the need for improvements to Woolston Village during the Ferry Road Master Plan consultation in 2014. Based on this feedback, the Council is proposing a range of enhancements which aim to attract more people to Woolston, balance the needs of all road users and highlight the distinctive industrial heritage of the area.

We want to know what you think about the proposals in the Woolston Villlage Upgrade Plan - find out more about what's being planned at the links below and make an online submission.


Summary of proposals

Key changes and improvements proposed for Woolston Village include:

  • Creating a pedestrian-focused environment, with extra crossing points at key locations and paving that guides people to public spaces.
  • Installing a flush paved median strip along the centre of the road to help identify the suburban centre and reduce vehicle speed.
  • Cycle lanes and extra cycle parking.
  • Introducing a 30km/h speed zone.
  • Directing motorists to alternative parking (on side streets and off-street) to make the area safer for pedestrians and cyclists and make space for landscaping. This will reduce the number of parking spaces on this section of Ferry Road from 77 to 21.
  • Planting more trees and improving landscaping with the aim of making the street look narrower and creating a "village feel".
  • Upgrading public seating, bins, cycle stands and lighting.
  • Creating gateways at either end of the village.

View the street concept plans

Click here to view the full concept for Ferry Road at Woolston


Making it safer to walk and cycle

Improved street crossings, pedestrian islands and wider footpaths will make it safer and more pleasant for pedestrians to visit the village.

Painted cycle lanes and advanced cycle stop boxes at the traffic lights will make the road safer for cyclists.

Narrowing the road and introducing a 30km/h speed zone aims to encourage motorists to slow down through the busy village and make it safer for all road users.

Lighting, furniture and landscaping

Street lighting will be improved, new seats, bins and cycle stands installed and a variety of trees and plants will help make the area a more appealing place to visit and spend time.
The materials and planting palette will reference the character and heritage of the village. The plan proposes 16 trees to be removed and replaced with 35 new trees, however the number and location of trees are subject to services and will be finalised at the time of planting.


Proposed parking changes

The proposed redirection of motorists to off-road parking and side roads aims to make the area safer for everyone and improve the way it looks and feels. We commissioned an independent parking analysis which confirmed that the parking proposed for removal could be accommodated either on side roads or through existing off-street spaces (e.g. on Heathcote, Catherine, and Portman Streets). Clear signage would direct motorists to parking areas on side roads. Remaining on-street parking on Ferry Road will be a mix of P30 and P60 spaces, and P30 and P120 spaces on side roads to encourage parking turnover.

Click here to view the proposed parking redirection plan

How people currently get to Woolston Village

A survey of 204 shoppers in Woolston Village in February 2016 helped us understand how people get to the shops and their general habits.

The survey showed how frequently each of these groups visited Woolston. Seventy six per cent of walkers visited the shopping area two to three times a week, which is the definition of a regular visitor, as did 75 per cent of cyclists and 67 per cent of bus users. This is compared to 52 per cent of drivers and 38 per cent of car passengers. Most of the people surveyed were in the area briefly to visit the shops with 75 per cent staying less than 30 minutes.

People driving cars indicated that parking was important, however 60 per cent of drivers had no preference between on-street parking and off-street parking. Seventy per cent of drivers indicated that parking restrictions were important. The peak occupancy of parking spaces on Ferry Road during the survey was 56 per cent, with typical occupancy of parking spaces being below 50 per cent.

Find out more and have your say

Consultation is open from Wednesday 18 May until 5pm on Wednesday 15 June 2016

This concept plan attempts to address the public call for improvements to the village through the Ferry Road Master Plan, balancing the requirements of a safer and more attractive environment with the need for parking near businesses. It is anticipated that the proposed improvements will attract more people to spend time in the village and therefore benefit commercial activities. It is important that you tell us what you think of the concept plan before we go any further.

Have your say here on the online form

Next steps

Once we have received your feedback, the next steps for this project are to: 

  1. Analyse submissions and finalise the design - June/July 2016
  2. Obtain approval from the Community Board and Council -  anticipated August/September 2016
  3. If approved, a detailed design prepared and contract tendered
  4. If approved, construction anticipated to commence July 2017
  5. Project anticipated to be completed December 2017