Download the consultation document and Draft Annual Plan.

Consultation document

Draft Annual Plan 2017-2018 Consultation Document [PDF 1.9MB]

Draft Annual Plan

Draft Annual Plan 2017-2018 [PDF 2.3MB]

By chapter

  1. Cover and Contents [PDF 495KB]
  2. Financial Overview [PDF 249KB]
  3. Funding Impact Statement [PDF 639KB]
  4. Financial Prudence Benchmarks [PDF 191KB]
  5. Proposed Capital Programme [PDF 554KB]
  6. Proposed Changes to Levels of Service [PDF 145KB]
  7. Proposed Financial Statements [PDF 468KB]
  8. Proposed Fees and Charges [PDF 469KB]
  9. Reserves and Trust Funds [PDF 70KB]
  10. Capital Endowment Fund [PDF 41KB]