Community Outcomes

The outcomes provide the Council with direction on how best to meet the current and future needs of our communities and to meet our obligations to provide good-quality local infrastructure, local public services, and regulatory functions.

The community outcomes have been grouped into five key strategic directions – liveable city, strong communities, healthy environment, prosperous economy and good governance.

Within the five groups, the community outcomes describe how we want our community to be. Under each of the community outcomes are way-finder outcomes - more focused outcomes that provide us with direction to achieve our community outcomes.

The outcomes align with key planning documents and strategies such as the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy and the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan.

Together they form a blueprint for Christchurch to be the network of interesting and engaged communities we all aspire to live in. Consequently, everything the Council does in its day-to-day work is focused on promoting the achievement of our community outcomes.


About Community Outcomes

See how community outcomes guide the direction of the Council's long term plan work programmes and budgets.

Outcomes Report

Community Outcomes Progress Report

The most up to date information available on how we are progressing towards achieving our community outcomes

Good Governance

Good Governance

The Council provides leadership on issues affecting the community.

Liveable City

Liveable City

Christchurch has a unique opportunity to rebuild its urban form in a way that enhances our lives.

Stong Communities2

Strong Communities

The concept of community is fundamental to people's overall quality of life and sense of belonging.

Healthy Environment

Healthy Environment

The Christchurch district has landscapes and indigenous biodiversity that are unique and important to the area.

Prosperous Economy

Prosperous Economy

A prosperous economy is integral to achieving our wider goals for the city.


Life in Christchurch

The Council wants to know more about the communities living in Christchurch and their experiences of living in the city.