No longer operative Bylaws.

Christchurch City

Revoked bylaw Replaced by

Urban Fire Safety Bylaw 2014 [PDF, 1.6 MB]

Maps showing areas covered by the bylaw:

Trade Waste Bylaw 2006 [PDF, 127 KB] Trade Waste Bylaw 2015
Cleanfill Licencing Bylaw 2008 [PDF, 75 KB] Cleanfill and Waste Handling Operations Bylaw 2015
Licensed Waste Handling Facilities Bylaw 2007(external link)
Cleanfill and Waste Handling Operations Bylaw 2015
Cruising Bylaw 2010 [PDF, 484 KB] Cruising and Prohibited Times on Roads Bylaw 2014
Urban Fire Safety Bylaw 2007 [PDF, 556 KB] Urban Fire Safety Bylaw 2014
Water Related Services Bylaw 2008 [PDF, 620 KB] Water Supply, Wastewater and Stormwater Bylaw 2014
Parks and Reserves Bylaw 2008 [PDF, 1.2 MB] Parks and Reserves Bylaw 2016
Dog Control Policy 2008 and Dog Control Bylaw 2008 [PDF, 578 KB] Dog Control Policy 2016 and Dog Control Bylaw 2016

Banks Peninsula

Formerly Banks Peninsula District Council.

Revoked bylaw Replaced by

Banks Peninsula District Council Public Places and Signs Bylaw 2004 [PDF, 88 KB]
(third edition, re-issued July 2009)

Public Places Bylaw 2008