Council, 1 July 2008.

Marine and River Facilities Bylaw 2008 [PDF, 30 KB] 


The purpose of the Bylaw is to provide for the orderly management and control of marine and river facilities that are owned or under the control of the Council for the benefit and enjoyment of all users of those facilities.

This Bylaw deals with the management and control of slipways, wharves, jetties and other marine facilities in Banks Peninsula and owned by the Council.


  • The use of marine and river facilities by commercial and charter operators
  • The use of wharves
  • The obstruction of marine and river facilities
  • The provision for fees and charges relating to the proposed bylaw
  • The provision for offences and penalties relating to the proposed bylaw.

Background and timeline

Submissions on this bylaw were made to the Council from 12 April 2008 to 14 May 2008. Public hearings were held from 3–6 June 2008. The report of the Hearings Panel is available on the Councils website.


  • Banks Peninsula District Marine Facilities Control Bylaw 2002.