Good governance

Local government has an important role to play in delivering strong local economies and building vibrant communities.

Good governance of the city requires elected members to make decisions for the overall benefit of the community, not only for the current generation but for generations to come. 

In order to achieve these objectives, it is critical that the council has a clear strategic direction and vision, the public understands how key decisions are made and has confidence in the process, and that the council can effectively manage its resources. 

The monitoring information to follow provides an overview of how the council is doing in these areas. For more information about any of the the following email the Monitoring and Research Team at


Clear vision, strategic direction and leadership

The council must have a clear vision and strategic direction that enables effective leadership of the city.


Understanding decision making

It is vital that the public understands and has confidence in decision making.


Effective stewardship of Council resources

It is imperative that the Council manages its assets, financial resources and infrastructure wisely.