Councillor for Coastal Ward.

Councillor for Coastal, James Daniels

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Councillor for Coastal, James Daniels

About James

James Daniels is proud to be representing his home ward, being brought up in New Brighton, educated at all three main primary schools and gained University Entrance at Shirley Boys’ High (which has now moved, to become more local).

Dropping out of Canterbury University (in what’s now the Arts Centre) in his first year due to becoming a teenaged father, he was a clerk in a government department until joining the weird and wonderful world of broadcasting. James had a successful, forty-year career there but alongside that, over thirty years of corporate, community and cultural governance including the first nineteen years on the tribal authority, Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu. He also returned fulltime to tertiary education at age 42 to complete a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Property Studies.

James is responsible for five adult children, proud of six moko, went to North Beach Primary with his third wife Dianne and lives in a small 1970s unsettled house in Parklands.