A by-election for an extraordinary vacancy for one member from the Central ward of the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board was held on Friday 16 October 2020.

Final results

Final results for the Central Ward Community Board by-election were declared on 22 October 2020. Sunita Gautam was elected to represent the Central Ward on the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board.

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You can also see the preliminary results [PDF, 44 KB] and the progress results [PDF, 50 KB].

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Read the Central Ward Community Board by-election information guide [PDF, 49 KB]


The seven candidates who competed for the spot representing the Central Ward on the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board are:

Independent Citizens

My principal residence is within the Central Ward of the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board area.

As the second-highest polling candidate for council in the 2019 elections for the Central Ward, my commitment to represent you and our fellow residents has not wavered. Our ward needs a voice who will advocate strongly for you on important issues such as rates rises, support for local business, strengthening our communities and managing community growth.

I know that you are looking for a representative that is effective, accessible and respects your perspectives when making decisions in the best interests of our community.

As a business owner and employer I have navigated the pressures of COVID-19 first-hand and appreciate its deep effect on the community now and into the future. I will bring that balance, business acumen and empathy to the decision making table.

A vote for me is a vote for positive, independent and energetic change - a voice for our community.

Contact me anytime on: 0211540487 clive@antony.nz


My principal residence is NOT within the Central Ward of the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board area.

As Christchurch emerges as one of New Zealand’s most liveable cities, I believe our key priorities are in the vitality and vibrancy of the central ward, quality roads and footpaths, flourishing businesses, safety, affordable rates, sustainability and waste reduction.

Strong leadership, experience, transparent consultations and a common sense approach are essential for the future of Christchurch. I provide extensive knowledge and experience in local government, with a proven track record as an elected Community Board Member in Fendalton-Waimairi (2004-2016). During this time, I held variety of positions including chair of Christchurch Intercultural-Assembly and board member of Council’s Heritage Committee, Keep Christchurch Beautiful, Streets and Garden awards Committee and Ecan Flood Protection Committee.

On a personal level, I am a parent to three adult children and hold a Master’s Degree in Politics from Vienna University. A vote for Faimeh Burke is a vote for progress, inclusiveness and your community. Email: faimeh@gmail.com


My principal residence is NOT within the Central Ward of the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board area.

I have a long association with the central city area as a resident and want to see it thriving once again. I am a strong advocate for environmental and social issues and a vote for me brings a fresh perspective by ensuring youth and diverse communities are fairly represented in decision-making.

My passion for working in the community has led to a career advocating for more sustainable and safer transport, affordable housing, improving river quality and action on climate change. I am currently chair of our local residents’ association which I helped to restart, increasing engagement between residents and the Council and promoting community development.

Community Boards need diverse and independent perspectives from those who have a passion for community, understand the issues, and are able to advocate effectively for their ward. I am one of those people and I will work hard and make a difference for our communities.


My principal residence is NOT within the Central Ward of the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board area.

It was a privilege to meet so many Central ward residents at the last election and to get so much support from you. I am back to ask for your support and to reintroduce myself. I live in Edgeware and work in the CBD. I am a mother of two teenagers, a PhD student, and a business lecturer/mentor.

My vision for the Central ward is that it is a place where we all feel safe, valued, and have a sense of belonging. We want to get the basics right: footpaths and roads, focusing on areas like the Linwood Village and listening to the community. We also need to sort out parking for residents and unhosted home-share accommodation. A vote for me is a vote for experience, hard work, and being a team player who will get things done for Central.

Please feel free to contact me at sunitagautam3010@gmail.com


My principal residence is within the Central Ward of the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board area.

Lived in Central Ward 40yrs, have strongly advocated over many years on community issues especially around unwanted liquor stores, have a great track record of being active within many community organisations, including working at low decile schools, undertaken roles as treasurer so have clear understanding of financial control and prepared to listen before making decision that may not always be popular but need to be done. Was involved in the fight to stop school closures so have no hesitation in tackling the big issues or big organisations and will ask the tough questions. Easily accessible during the day/evenings as your representative, it has to be about the communities that I will be representing.

Proud to call this community home and want to see it continue to flourish in line with the surrounding communities that make up this community board.

Contact me on 021-2342511 for anything you wish to discuss.


My principal residence is NOT within the Central Ward of the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board area.

I have been a strong advocate for the central city for well over 14 years. I have served a term as a Christchurch City Councillor from 2013 – 2016 representing the Central Ward. I was also one of the people behind the Re:Start container mall put in place post earthquake to bring life and vitality back to the Central Ward at a time when it was not thought possible.

I am an independent candidate who has a proven ability for getting things done, a family man with a social conscious and I understand the unique pressures families are placed under in this uncertain world.

With many years of successful governance and management experience I have the knowledge and skills to make good decisions that will help your rate money go further. With your support, I will work hard to ensure our community’s voice is heard at the Community Board table.


My principal residence is NOT within the Central Ward of the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board area.

I offer myself as an experienced community board member already advocating strongly for my community. I’m currently supporting city residents facing 41% land rent increases. Until the earthquakes I lived in Latimer Square.

A Christchurch City Ambassador for five years in the inner city after the quakes –known as the Sheriff of ReStart (Container Mall) – I ran my own security firm and two city food outlets. I have a background in business, an MA, experience in: Health, Teaching, the Church, Politics, Volunteer sector – I bring experience! Active through Rotary, RSA, community trusts and resident groups, I opposed chlorination and would like a moratorium on more cycle lanes. I’m married with 5 adult children and 4 grandchildren.

Hobbies: fly fishing; reading history; I’m a keen vege/fruit gardener; I helped re-establish historic Papanui Bush; professional cartooning; archaeology. I’m a successful author and published two art historical books recently on Tintin.

More information

All candidates for the Central Ward Community Board by-election must file a return of electoral donations and expenses.

The returns of all candidates as at 2 November 2020:

By-election timeline

Thursday 23 July

Nominations open

Notice of by-election - nominations and the electoral roll both open.

Thursday 20 August

Nominations close

Nominations and the electoral roll close at noon.

Thursday 24 September

Voting begins

Voting papers are sent to people on the electoral roll.

Friday 16 October

Election day

Voting closes at noon, and the progress result is announced later that afternoon.

This by-election was conducted by postal vote using the First Past the Post voting electoral system, under the provisions of the Local Electoral Act 2001 and Local Electoral Regulations 2019.