Modern, reliable and effective city infrastructure is important for sustainable economic activity. The ability for the district's infrastructure to bounce back after extreme events will prevent major disruption and make the district a safer place to be.

Changes to our Community Outcomes and Strategic Priorities

The Council approved a new 2020 strategic framework on 19 December 2019 and this is currently part of the consultation document on the annual plan.

Information on our revised Community Outcomes and Strategic Priorities is currently being developed.

What this means for our district

  • Council infrastructure is able to function following an extreme event.
  • Christchurch's infrastructure supports sustainable economic growth.
  • Equitable repair of infrastructure across the city.

How we are contributing

We are investing heavily in rebuilding Christchurch's infrastructure after the earthquakes. We are taking the opportunity to build more resilience into the infrastructure and facilities network to ensure the city will be safer, and able to recover quickly from future shocks. Providing modern infrastructure will enable the city to sustain growth in the future.

How you can help

If you see something that requires urgent attention to fix (e.g. a dangerous pothole), let us know. Try using the Council's Snap Send Solve app(external link) to lodge the issue. You can help prevent surface flooding for you and your neighbours in winter by cleaning leaves out of the drain in front of your house.