Prosperous economy

A prosperous economy is integral to achieving our wider goals for the city. We need to ensure our city is investment-friendly, and that the benefits lead to broad based prosperity for the community.

Changes to our Community Outcomes and Strategic Priorities

The Council approved a new 2020 strategic framework on 19 December 2019 and this is currently part of the consultation document on the annual plan.

Information on our revised Community Outcomes and Strategic Priorities is currently being developed.

Great place for people, business and investment

A range of social and economic activities, services, a highly skilled workforce, and the quality of the environment all contribute to making an attractive city.

Equitable economy with broad-based prosperity

The ultimate objective of economic growth is a sustained, broad-based improvement in living standards.

A productive, adaptive and resilient economic base

A strong economy is generally regarded as necessary for meeting peoples' aspirations for an improved quality of life.

Modern and robust city infrastructure & facilities

Modern, reliable and effective city infrastructure is an important contributor to sustainable economic activity.