District Plan: Proposed plan change 5

Have your say on proposed amendments to the Christchurch District Plan.

Project status: Closed for feedback
Open for feedback: 22nd October 2020 - 30th November 2020

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The changes traverse a number of topics and chapters of the District Plan. The changes proposed across all topics seek to improve the clarity of provisions and to better reflect was intended – achieving better outcomes for communities, and to align with national direction.

  • Reinforce direction that offices and shops are to be primarily located in the Central City and commercial centres as well as clarifying the role of these centres as commercial focal points (5A).
  • Clarify and better reflect the intent and outcomes sought in the Commercial chapter, including the role of centres and the types and scale of retail, offices and other activities that are anticipated in centres amongst other changes including definitions (5B).
  • Clarify what is sought and/or required in the Industrial chapter, including clearer direction for the redevelopment of former industrial land for residential and mixed uses that support good neighbourhood design amongst other changes including definitions (5C).
  • Make sure that home-based businesses are of a type and scale appropriate in residential and rural areas through various changes including to definitions (5D).
  • Simplify a rule for noise insulation near railways and roads (5E).
  • Changes to zoning and overlays on the planning maps for identified sites, including to reflect what is already happening or anticipated, zone new roads and open spaces for their intended purpose, as well as realigning the zone boundaries between Christchurch and our neighbouring Districts, amongst other changes (5F).
  • Make changes from the implementation of new national direction that requires removal of car parking requirements. This includes consequential changes arising such as a landscaping rule for car parking areas, which is based on the number of car parks required (5G).
  • Provide for antenna associated with telecommunications at an appropriate scale (5H).
  • Enable temporary signs associated with general and local government elections (candidate and party) and referendums (5I).

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