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When making decisions it is important for us to understand a range of views. Our elected members want to hear from you before making decisions. This is referred to as consultation, and your feedback is a submission.

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Smart Christchurch Strategy

It's been six years since the establishment of the Smart Christchurch programme. It's now time for us to reflect on the progress that we have made and formalise our strategy.

South Library

South Library and Service Centre building - user survey

Your feedback will help shape design, feel and functionality, as we explore plans for rebuilding South Library | Te Kete Wānanga o wai Mōkihi and Service Centre.

 Expansion of the sculptural gardens tourist activity

Expansion of the sculptural gardens tourist activity

This publicly notified resource consent application is for the Construction of a café, an entrance building and expansion of the sculptural gardens at the Giants House in Akaroa

Te Kaha multi-use arena budget consultation

We want to know what you think about investing extra money into Te Kaha - Canterbury's multi-use arena.

Recreation and Sports Centres survey

Help us plan the activities, programmes and events we will offer.