If you want to tell the Council or your community board about an issue or idea, you can seek to present information at a meeting.

When you are given permission to speak about an issue, it is called a 'deputation by appointment'. To allow enough time for questions from community board members or councillors, we advise that you keep your presentation as brief as possible. Deputations to the Council will generally only be allowed if they relate to an item on the Council's meeting agenda.

If your issue is related to something local in your street, community or neighbourhood, it is best to raise it first with your local Community Board. They can pass your concerns onto Council if necessary.

A request to speak to your community board must be lodged with the relevant Community Board Advisor. Your request should ideally be made no later than six working days before the board’s meeting and will need to be approved by the community board Chairman.

People are encouraged to keep the presentations as brief as possible, to allow plenty of time for questions from Community Board members or Councillors. Council staff will provide you with more information on meeting protocol, speaking times and presentation equipment if your request to speak has been granted.

If you would like to make a deputation in another language, sign language or Maori, we will cover the costs of the translator. Please make sure you let us know if you would like a translator.

To make a request to speak at a meeting, please contact the Council and speak to: