There are several ways to make a submission.

Submissions can be made when the Council consult on projects through either Have Your Say or Your Voice. If you would like to comment on Council activity that is not currently being consulted on, this can be done as a customer enquiry

You can also obtain a hard copy of any of the relevant documents from any Christchurch City Council library or service desk, or by calling the customer contact centre to request that the information is sent to you.

Your submission needs to include the following details:

  • your full name, postal address, postcode and email address. 
  • if you are completing the submission on behalf of a group or organisation, please include your organisation’s name, your role and signature.
  • whether or not you want your submission to be heard (if hearings are available).

If public hearings are to be held on an issue, you can indicate in your submission that you want to discuss your submission at a public hearing. Council staff will then contact you to arrange a time for you to meet with the Council hearings panel. 

Subject to the provisions of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, we will make all submissions publicly available, including all contact details you provide on your submission. If you consider there are reasons why your contact details and/or submission should be kept confidential, please contact the Council when you send your submission. 

Use the Consultation Search to find current, upcoming and closed consultations.